Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hey uhrrbody. Sorry we haven't really been keeping up with this. We've been doing some exploring and sightseeing this week, as you can see. We went down to Dumbo and walked along the river and the sun was just perfect for pictures of the camera didn't quite capture it. We went around the financial district(that dark photo is the NYSE). Then yesterday we walked the entirety of Central Park, it was amazing! The trees are incredible right now and the blossoms are still falling. we cant wait for you all to see it(note: don't do it in converse...woof). Anyway, we're still looking for apartments, there's some real gems out there...and some rotten death holes. But there's plenty available right now, so we'll find it. Oh, I maybe have a job tomorrow. well, that's all I've got at the moment. We love and miss you all tons and tonnes.

Sincerely, Something in Somewhere


  1. Wow!! I want to go to all these places and do all these things. I want to row on that water, and look at that castle. Can hardly wait!!!! See you on June 10th!!!

  2. Wow- thanks for the update. Good pictures! I'm glad you guys are doing these things. Good luck with the hunt. Love you both.