Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long time no blog

Sorry we have been totally slacking on the blog. FAIL. Anyway, things are great. John got a job going around to cell phone towers and checking batteries or some stupid stuff. He quit. He now works at a lovely coffee shop called Think Coffee, which is awesome and he likes. His manager happens to be an old friend of mine and my sisters from Jr. High and High school named Ryan, which is weird. He also has been making some good connections in the bike scene in Brooklyn. We will be going to the Brooklyn Invitational (bike show) this saturday! pictures will be taken and blogged post haste. Let's see...John's parents came for a visit, which was lots of fun. We went on a dinner cruise around the city and saw West Side Story. We also went to Coney Island and Six Flags with our friends. Fashion Week was really great, i did my last show today, which was successful and fun. I've been doing a lot more shoots recently due to friends referring me, and i'm finally getting paid! which is awesome. Well that about sums it up for now. We're gonna go play some pool.


p.s. here's some random pics
p.s.s. love and miss you all


  1. Thanks for postin' I appreciate it, like a stalker would. I miss you guys, too bad we couldn't come this month- soon-ish. Love you both.